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Professional Alteration/Tailor

Professional Alteration/Tailor

Alterations are charged separately and not built into the price of the dress. While most stores now send brides off to deal with alterations through a third party Golden Brides continues to offer this most important service in-house. We have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced alterations staff.

Don’t underestimate the importance of properly performed custom fitting to ensure you look your best on your wedding day. The availability schedule for alterations changes throughout the year. Approximately three months before your wedding, we will have you meet one on one with one of our dressmakers. You must have your wedding day shoes and any undergarments you will be wearing with you at this appointment. If your dress is a lace-up back, we recommend bringing one person with you to learn how to tie it. After your first fitting you will be given a date to return to pick up your dress. If a second fitting will be necessary, your alterationist will inform you.

At your pick up appointment you will try on your dress once more to ensure that your dress fits properly. Second fittings and pick up appointments will be booked with the dress maker that did your original fitting. This way, if any adjustments need to be made, there will not be any confusion.

When everything is finished, you will pay for your alterations and take your gown home with you. Be prepared to store your gown out of the bag when you get it home as it will be pressed and ready to wear.